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    Something inside

    slt a tt les marhebiens et les marhebiennes ca m'a fait enormement plaisir de vous joindre et de m'inscrire bon c'est ma premiere participation malheureusement c'est en anglais mais c'est ma seule maniere de m'exprimer ..
    something inside
    In a very dark night, I woke up after hearing a strange voice some time it was coming from somewhere up and some time from down. I felt terrified for a moment and I wondered who is talking oh my god am I crazy or what.??????

    I tried to listen and understand what is going on around me but I couldn’t because I was trambling and confused.

    Oh god please help me what am listening ? ....

    It was like a noise of a dis**** there were two people disputing but where they were?

    I opened my eyes to look for them but I didn’t find any thing....

    I realised that I couldn’t do any thing but trying to listen and understand what they were saying...

    The first word I could realise was “why ?” and it was so strong coming out from some one suffering I really felt sorry for him in that moment I almost cried when I hear it I felt just like it injured my ears it was so deep.... I wondered who can be suffering that much ????

    I ‘m not the only one suffering in this world .

    After a while the same voice said “why ....again and again ...I’m sick of it I’m sick of suffering ...can you leave me alone I can’t go on like that and I can’t make it I ‘m sorry...”.

    The voice was excosted but it was getting out softly in this time.

    A strong voice screamed in that moment “ it was your fault !!! yes it was yours is not mine ”.

    The first answered ” look who is speaking every time you tell that it is my fault sorry it is not mine this time ... I agree with you that before it was mine but now no it is not ...I decided to be strong and to don’t let people use me and I was until you convince me to love him...”

    In that moment I felt an unbelievable pain, it was like a big crash in my head and I heard the strong voice screaming again “ok I really admired him in the beginning and you have to excuse me it was out of my hand and sorry if I affect you with my opinions but I didn’t tell you go ahead love him this is the man she is looking for “.

    And with deep breathe answered the other voice “ you didn’t say love him !!!!! you were so fascinated with him and you were thinking about him all the time and every time you tell me about him I tell you please she can’t handle an other pain be careful were speaking to me about his words, speech, and even his way of breathing..... he is so elegant !! he is a good speaker!!! he is kind !!! he is !!!he is !!! he is!!! **** you two ....”.

    After hearing such speech I couldn’t stop my tears and I couldn’t even stop them...

    The strong voice answered “ ok!! ok !!!calm down we are just talking why are you so angry???? Ok it is my mistake in the beginning but after I realised many things after and I warned you many times he is not that gentle man especially for a simple girl like her but you didn’t listen “

    “It was so late honey in those moment when you were saying that she was already stuck on him and you made me suffering by what you discovered and you know that it was so late for us you should know all that from the beginning but you were enjoying his words and every information he gave you about people life and even his job but ....”

    “please you can’t just throw every thing on me and run away !!!to be honest I even love him before you and she do but.....ok I agree with you i should be careful I’m responsible of you and her but it was really stronger than me he get in every part of me and satisfied every cell in me what can I do ??? I couldn’t know in that moment that all he said was lies for a simple reason he has no thing to win if he lies...but I guess I was making a big mistake”.

    In that moment I screamed “ Please you two !!!! shut up and leave me alone how can you speak about him in that way you how can you say “**** him” concentrate on your job and just be sure that you beat only for me to keep me alive and stop throwing your mistakes on others and you big shut of garbage how can you say that “he is not kind and a liar ” he is very kind and even the kindest person I ever knew but may be we are not made to be together but you should know that it is not your mistake he get under my skin and enter in my blood stream without asking for a permission It was our mistake .I know you are suffering and I’m suffering also but we will get out of this as soon as possible !!!we will get out stronger “by god will””


    anglais dharba wa7da????

    ya kazi j te vois chaque jr a l'isg et à ma classe, nzid nal9ak 3al forum non c trop... w ta7ki anglais zéda?!!!! ti 3arbi w bé sif néfhmék!!!!! tarjém lélla 5irlék!!! hani 9otlék w ma tloum kén rou7ék...
    walahi ma fhémt chay alla ghaléb tha9afti 3ibria
    أَفديهِ إِنْ حَفِظَ الهوى أو ضَيَعَ *** مَلَكَ الفُؤادَ فَما عَسى أَن أَصْنَعَ

    مَنْ لَمْ يَذُقْ ظُلْمَ الحبيب كَظَلْمِهِ *** حُلْواً فَقَدْ جَهِلَ المَحَبَةَ وَاِدَّعى


      merci 3la hazen el moural

      merci chocolat pour ton avis ca m'a fait enormement plaisir :(malheureusement je peux pas traduire ce que j'ai ecris en anglais je crois que ca va perdre son vrai sens en tt cas cem pa lela grave
      enchallah nekebrou et nouleou nankiou bel francais kifek ya chocolat


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