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    K.soldier a ecris :
    "In this world, where I’m looking for peace, peace between me and myself, peace between the world of mine and their world, the world where I need to separate between things I love to do and thingz that I’m obliged to do, thingz that was raised with me, that smiled a long while with me, that tattooed tears with me.. I really want to understand myself, I need to understand why I feel sad when I’m laughing, why this feeling of loneliness is always with me even when I’m with them, Perhaps I was addicted to the whole dark side, I always hear a voice tellin’ me "Never keep up staring at the world through a rearview" a different rearview, a rearview from your soul, from the deep dark of your rage, of your heart of soldier, I’ve asked myself "Heart of soldier ?? , I never touched a war weapon in my life, I never understood war laws, I hate tradin’ war stories, but I finished by understanding the meaning of the "Heart of the soldier", the heart of the man, the man who prefers to die like a man than to live like a coward, the man who shares sadness and happiness with himself, with his homies. The man who hits all his enemies up, the man who trusts in GOD, the man who’s gettin’ hotter when the world is gettin’ colder. The man who was born, with the Shaolin spirit; raised by the shaolin spirit, growing up with the shaolin spirit, lived with the Shaolin spirit till the day he dies. And I started to look back at the world, from my new level. I picked up a new rearview, a rearview that I fell me in, and everything was ok, well I didn’t know if I chose the right rearview, I lived with the hope that I was in the safe way, I didn’t hear any body even when I was wrong. I built a world, where I’m the Don, nobody was there, only me, I was the Don of my united states, the don of my earth, the don of my everything. I never expect their world but I forced them to expect the world of mine, I succeeded in this lil’ game, but one day I woke up to see the truth that destroyed my kingdom, I lost all my world except a lil’ rose, a rose who was rised on a dirty place called my ‘World’ she survived because she grew up with the water from "The heart of the Soldier" my world was destroyed because I didn’t understand the meanings of The starin’… I’ll never give it up, I’m trying to make my life better, a real man who stand up after all pains, like said my lil’ home boy "It’s time for me to stand up and say No mo’ pain. Even if I failed another time, I’ll never give it up, I’ll never keep up starin’ at the world… Now I feel that the rearview is too closer to me, I just have to wait and to try till I find it.

    You ain't knowin’ what we mean by starin’ through the rearview, So since you ain't knowin’ what we mean let me break down understandin’ The world, the world is behind us Once a motherfu**** gets an understandin’ on the game and what the levels and the rules of the game is, Then the world ain't no trick no more...
    Till that day, I’ll change, but I’ll always be the same.

    We up OuT !
    Message posté le 13/06/03.

    ملئ السنابل تنحني بتواضع، والفارغات رؤوسهن شوامخ

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