as i'm growin up i realize how cruel real life is ! everyday i c people die , i c broken homes , davistating poorness , rape , kidnapping , lies ,feelings of hate and revenge , high school bulling (it doesn't across me tho ) ! familly fights (legacy and other stupid things )! consternation , fear ,doubt , lack of comprehension , lack of listening , lack of aibility to forget and forgive , lack of patience , lack of love, lack of ambition , lack of dreams ,lack of hope , lack of faith , lack of good morals , lack of security , we don't listen , we don't talk , we don't learn , we don't fight , we don't scream , we don't express ourselves , we don't accpet freedom , w don't look forward a good future , w don't c the truth , w don't appreciate the good things till w lost them , w don't respect older people , w don't stand younger people and everything w do or try to reach is damn wrong ! so what the hell is wrong with us ?