A vous de traduire US destination address required for passengers travelling to the US

From 4 October 2005, the United States government requires all visitors to provide a US destination address prior to their departure. If you are travelling to the US from this date, please note the following:
- The address you provide must include a zip code.
- If you are providing a hotel address, it must include the hotel name, street name, city and state; a zip code is also preferred.
- If you are joining a cruise ship, provide the vessel and cruise names, and the US city of embarkation.
- If you are in transit, provide your final country of destination, the carrier or vessel name, and number.
- If you are hiring a car, provide the intended address of your first night in the US.

Travellers who are exempt from having to provide a US destination address include US citizens and Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs). However, LPRs must provide their Alien Registration Number.